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Malte Thiele

I am a motion designer and 3D artist who specializes in creating story videos and 3D environments for the e-learning industry.

2D Motion Design

3D World Building

Character Animation

Iintriguing explainer videos
interactive 3D worlds
and interesting characters
check out some of my work

edjucational motion design

captivating Learning Journeys

Modern Visual Designs

Storydriven videos

Gamified Web Trainings

Explorable 3D worlds

Animated Pitch

Trying to sell your digital product, but not sure how to start?
With the animated pitch, I created a sales tool that makes it easier to excite prospects of your digital product.

It is a high-quality customizable 3D video showing the life of your prospect with and without your product.

Learn more here

Audi Fraud City Video

For Audi, we created a story—driven interactive training inspired by the unique style of Frank Miller's Sin City.

For the video, I built the city in 3D and recreated the look of the training (which is hand drawn) with special shaders.
Just the characters are drawings created by a colleague, which I animated directly inside the 3D scene. If you are keen to learn more about the training, have a look at the case study

Vodafone 3D Map

We created a gamified learning experience for Vodafone, where learners can dive into an interactive 3D world that is rendered live in the browser.

I modeled, animated and rendered the island in blender and translated the model with baked textures into our WebGL engine of choice which is integrated into our own responsive framework.

You can read about the case study here:

Vodafone Case Study

Marek Macintosh 3D Animation

I had the idea for Marek a way back at a time when I wasn't skilled in 3D animation, so I created an illustration of him instead.

Later I picked up the idea again and drafted a quick storyboard on paper.

Modeling, rendering, and animation is done inside Blender with some post-processing and sound design in After Effects & Audition.

Check out the video with sound!

Gloomy Dungeon

I do a lot of 3D work lately because of high demand.
But since I also enjoy 2D animation, I did a small personal After Effects project using stock assets with the focus on creating an intense atmosphere through animation and effects.

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